aFashion Wishlist F.A.Q.

WishlistWhy Use a aFashion Wish List?

Who knows the number of gifts that are bought daily that end up being an unwanted item, the wrong size, wrong colour, incorrect product ... etc. etc.

aFashion Wish Lists give you a location where you can choose exactly what YOU want.

Your friends can view your aFashion Wish List and buy with confidence knowing that you actually need and want what it is they are buying.

How Much Does It Cost?

Creating your own Wish List is totally free!

So How Do I Start My Wish List?

Go into a product and click the button that says "Add to Wish List", its really as simple as that! Your wishlist has now been started.

Continue adding products until the Wish List contains all that you require. If you wish to save your wishlist you will then need to "Login" (if you have an account already) or "Create an Account" (If you dont). Your Wish List is now permanent.

Ok .. Ive Created My Wish List, How Do My Friends Access It?

View your Wish List and it will become clear. You can simply email the link to one or as many of your friends as you like using the wishlist send to friend form.

Where Can I View My Wish List?

There is a link at the top called "My Wishlist" next to "My Account". Also the links are available inside My Account.

aFashion is always looking for new ways to make your shopping experience with us more enjoyable, we hope you enjoy aFashion Wish Lists.